Aristea Primary School

Aristea is a dynamic multi-cultured school where well-equipped teachers provide high-quality education and childcare in a safe, respectful and inclusive environment that builds a foundation for lifelong learning. Our aim is to develop well rounded, confident and responsible individuals who aspire to achieve their full potential. We shall do this by providing a welcoming, happy, safe, and supportive learning environment in which everyone is equal and all achievements are celebrated. Our school's academic standard is synonymous with our motto: EXCELLENCE.

Our Curriculum meets the requirements of the National Curriculum Statement (CAPS). Our academics are driven by an enthusiastic team of motivated teachers who create a culture for learning by presenting exciting lessons and setting challenging projects. In the Intermediate- and Senior Phase, the following subjects are taught: Home Language, Mathematics, Social Sciences, Life Skills, EMS, Natural Science, Technology, Arts and Culture, Additional Language.

Continuous assessments formal and informal take place throughout the year. Learners with special educational needs are supported and complemented by a resource class and fully qualified teacher in this department. Academic excellence is made possible through the above and ongoing communication with parents.